The complete onboarding solution

ready to work is a new outsourced online onboarding service that integrates new employees into your workplace all before day one.


The future is flexible

Onboarding is evolving. Classroom inductions are no longer the only options when it comes to introducing new employees into your business.

ready to work is different to all other onboarding companies. By offering a fully outsourced online onboarding solution from start to finish, new employees arrive on their first day of work enthusiastic, confident and ready to work.

All your company's administrative onboarding functions are performed by ready to work. From the moment your new employee accepts your offer of employment, ready to work hand-holds your new employee through the onboarding process to their start date and commencement of employment. We understand the recruitment process, and believe that the crucial time of engagement is immediately after that verbal offer of employment, up until that first day of work.

Flexible Futures

The power of your people

Dream team hired, now it's time to make that lasting impression.

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Positive results

Top quality onboarding has a hugely positive impact on staff retention and performance


of employees

more likely to stay with a company for 3 years if they experienced great onboarding


best‐in‐class companies with an engaging onboarding program retain 91% of their first‐year hires

Putting people first. Promoting new employee and manager engagement.

*O.C. Tanner, ** Aberdeen

Working as a team

Imagine how much simpler everyday life could be, how much time and money could be saved. The reality is within reach.

We will deliver a custom-made onboarding solution that creates an interface where new employees can engage and complete the onboarding process.

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Team work

A proactive process

We want to understand you and the culture behind your business.

This is the start of the onboarding journey. One that is designed to be exciting, engaging and positive from the word go.

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We review your employee manual and paperwork to gain a full understanding of your company guidelines and ethos.



We discuss all induction and training requirements that are to be included in the programme and confirm the required data format for importing.



We create a bespoke web portal within the ready to work web application specifically for you, the client. New employees are sent a link to



New employees receive a welcome email inviting them to create an account and access their pre‐start day induction and training course.



At the end of the process we send you a report containing all assessment data.

Take the complication out of compliance

The new employee is taken on a set journey through all documentation. Digitally signing, to demonstrate an understanding of all information, and then completing tests to show an understanding of the training modules.

The employee can stop and revisit the process at any time. However, failure to commence or complete specific tests within a given time frame will result in reminder emails automatically being sent to the employee and employer. Once successful, the employee hits “submit information” and is congratulated on being ready to work. All data is sent to HR and the newest member of your team is issued a start date and uniform.

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How we help

ready to work is a groundbreaking onboarding programme designed to take the headache out of induction and training.

By outsourcing your onboarding process, you take time back to get on with what you do best.




Early engagement

Giving new employees the best start and a clear sense of investment.




Managers who understand the role of onboarding will improve staff retention and drive performance.



0% administration time

ready to work sends all completed employee data to your HR team before day one.



Fully compliant workforce

New employees arrive having passed the required compliance tests, safe in the knowledge they can start work immediately, within company guidelines, without any compliance barriers or risks.

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